Industrial and Commercial HVAC

Manufacturers Represented

We are committed to offer you the best quality companies to serve you and your needs.  You will find that we are fully committed to bringing you quality products. Here is a list of our manufactures and links to their websites

Mason Industries

Vibration Control products, acoustical floor systems, rubber expansion joints, stainless steel expansion joints, seismic restraint systems with certified calculations.

Mason Industries has been a leader in the field of noise, vibration and seismic control for over 50 years. Our products are specified by consultants and architects here and throughout the world. In addition to a complete range of mountings, hangers, and flexible connectors for mechanical equipment, we provide computer studies for snubbing systems in earthquake and bomb blast zones. Floating floors, walls and suspended ceilings provide total acoustical room isolation. Rubber bearing pads and spring mountings are used to support entire buildings and railroads. Our professional engineering staff is here to serve you in every way.

Mercer Rubber Co.

Expansion Joints, Duct Connectors & Hoses

Rubber expansion joints are capable of axial compression, axial expansion, transverse and angular movements.  In many cases, three movements are all taking place at one time. Standard expansion joints have movement limits, but they can be increased by changing to multiple arches or single piece construction with an arch at each end and a long intermediate hose body.

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Steam and Condensate, High Temperature  HWT, Chilled water, Cryogenics, Containment Piping Systems (fuel oil) and leak detection systems as required.


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Weksler Glass Thermometer Corporation

Thermometers and Gauges

We offer a full line of Industrial Thermometers, Bimetal Thermometers, Pressure Gauges, and Accessories. Whether your specifications require a glass thermometer for laboratory use or a liquid filled process gauge for a harsh environment, WGTC has a cost effective solution and lead times among the fastest in the industry.

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Miro Industries, Inc.

Rooftop support products for duct, pipe and equipment.

MIRO Industries, Inc. specializes in pre-manufactured rooftop supports for pipe, conduit, duct, mechanical supports, bridge crossovers, walkways, service
platforms and ramps. For the past 30 years we have been accepted throughout the mechanical, roofing and electrical industry as the preferred rooftop support system to wood blocking or penetrating the roof membrane in order to support pipe.

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