History of Mason Atlanta

Mason Atlanta was founded in November 2001 by Craig Clark. Johnny Weaver came aboard January 2002, adding years of MEP Sales Experience to the company. The first three years of the company’s existence was dedicated to Vibration Isolation, Seismic Restraint, and Expansion Joints and Guides in the State of Georgia. With three years of working experience in the Atlanta Market, Mason Atlanta then added additional Mechanical Equipment Manufacturers to expand the company with a larger variety of quality products. The additional manufacturers and working relationship with Mason Industries allowed Mason Atlanta to grow into a well-respected Engineering Manufacturers Representative known across the Southeastern US.

Currently, Mason Atlanta is solely owned by Johnny Weaver, with Craig Clark leaving the company in 2009. Mason Atlanta employs two other Full-Time Sales Engineers, with Eric Lennon beginning in 2007, and Clint Wallis in 2010. The knowledgeable team has over 55 years of valuable experience in MEP Construction, and have a solid positive reputation with the Construction Field in the State of Georgia. Mason Atlanta has provided solutions to Engineers, Architects, and MEP Contractors for over 14 years.